Tibetan Singing Bowl + FREE GIFT Incense Holder and Wristband- Singing Bowl Set


Sing Bowl Set + FREE GIFT

This set includes:

  • Tibetan Singing Bowl Handmade in Himalayas with Itching Carving (Brass; Size 4 inches)
  • Wooden Striker and Cushion for Singing Bowl 
  • FREE GIFT: Hand Carved Incense Holder / Ash Catcher (Incense not included)
  • FREE GIFT: Conscious Life Wristband 


  • Calm the senses and ease into meditation easier
  • Use Sing Bowl for sound healing and to clear chakras 
  • Burn Your Fragrant Incense without the mess with our Moon and Stars Incense Holder 
  • Perfect Size for your Sacred Space
  • Easy to use

Singing Bowls have been used traditionally for many years as a helpful meditation aid. Use the wooden striker to rub the rim of the bowl to create a healing sound that will make easing into meditation much easier. Alpha waves, key to relaxation, are said to be created in the brain in response to the healing sound of singing bowls. These brass bowls were hand made in Nepal in the Himalayas using itching carving.  The cushion, wooden striker, and incense holder are the perfect companions to add a touch a traditional healing to your Sacred Space.